In a space full of websites, one has to be a standout in order for it to be considered one of the best.  The usual criteria would be the visuals, ease of use, navigation, load speed, content, etc. Because there are a lot of great websites in the whole of the U.S.A, it is best to categorize it by state and see what’s the best because different states have different cultures, requirements, and needs. In Utah alone, there are a lot of great websites, but we have broken down 7 of the best. A disclaimer though, this is just our personal opinion and does not reflect the vote of the majority. We based these according to our own set of criteria. 


7 Best Websites in Utah

1. Nu Skin

Nu SkinNu Skin is an international wellness company present in almost 50 countries worldwide. Aside from the great products that they sell, they also provide awesome business opportunities based on a system that is proven to give you earnings that would change your life for the best. We consider the website as one of the best because of how the items are presented, the color hues that they used, and the content they provide. The site looks so fresh and vibrant, which is connected to what their business is, wellness and enjoying a great life. To check on feedback about Nu Skin, a link is provided for your reference. https://www.zippia.com/nu-skin-enterprises-careers-8332/



VivintThis company is all about home security and making your home a safer and more livable place. The products and services are great, they are focused on using technology while giving you the full protection that each home needs. We consider this one of the best websites in Utah because of how easy it is to load, the aesthetics, the chat support they have indicated on the site – indicating that they can be reached immediately, and the overall feel of the site. The site is in line with how we want them to be perceived, a trusted company. The site gives us a feeling that it speaks about integrity and that they can deliver. More feedback  about the website is available at https://www.zippia.com/vivint-careers-15178/


3. Church of Jesus Christ

LSDAs one of the major denominations present in Utah, the Church of Jesus Christ has a 30,000 strong congregation in more than 160 countries worldwide. Their mission is to spread God’s love and work in as many places as possible. The website is simple, with no colorful aesthetics, animation, or antics. It is simple but very easy to navigate, light, and refreshing. We consider this as one of the best web designs in Utah because of its simplicity and the message it conveys to everyone who visits the site. To check on some reviews, go to this link: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/The-Church-of-Jesus-Christ-of-Latter-day-Saints-Reviews-E122747.htm


4. Intermountain Health Care Org

Intermountain This website was really helpful during the surge of covid and up to now it is continuously helping with their medical concerns. This is one of the best of Utah’s web design, primarily because of the content and the service that everyone gets from this website. For more information on feedback, please click this link https://www.zippia.com/intermountain-healthcare-careers-27487/


5. Utah Valley

Utah ValleyThis is a place for relaxation and sightseeing. Considered as one of Utah’s premier tourist attractions, Utah Valley is a place you should never miss. The website give us a feel of the outdoors, using bright colors, nature pics, and videos, one would really have that desire to visit this place. We consider this as one of the best website in Utah because of the factors mentioned




6. KSL 

KSLWhen you need news, KSL is the ultimate source, Why do we consider their website as one the best in Utah? It is because the website is rich and information and is easy to navigate. All the news information that you need to get from all over Utah is here. Please read the link to check on feedbacks about them.https://www.zippia.com/ksl-media-careers-1158333/


7.Utah Government

Utah GovernmentFor a government site to be considered one of the best websites in Utah means a lot to its people.  If you are new and wanted to visit Utah, the website will give you a glimpse on what Utah has to offer, The web design boasts of great pics of the outdoors, helpful information, activities, all things you need to know about Utah.



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